Siemens Acuson X600


he ACUSON X600™ ultrasound system is designed to deliver a new standard of “standard” through a strategic suite of advanced ultrasound applications to bolster clinical and operational versatility, confidence, and reliability.

Advanced Imaging

  • Advanced imaging technologies migrated from higher-end systems for a practical, premium imaging experience
  • Hanafy lens transducer technology provides excellent uniformity throughout the field of view, especially at depth, by using a finer beam thickness
  • Dynamic TCE™ tissue contrast enhancement technology reduces speckle for clear visualization
  • TGO™ tissue grayscale optimization technology automatically adjusts image brightness and equalizes image gain
  • SieClear™ multi-view spatial compounding uses multiple lines of sights to increase contrast resolution and improve tissue differentiation of low contrast lesions by reducing image speckle
  • Advanced SieClear™ spatial compounding provides exceptional improvements in border definition
  • 20” LED monitor supports advanced imaging with stunning visualization
  • Cadence™ contrast agent imaging technology1 for excellent contrast resolution

Built to Work Smart

  • Knowledge-based workflow tools enable faster exams while providing greater consistency and reducing inter-operator variability
  • Available QuikStart Rapid Boot to enhance efficiency before, during, and after procedures
  • Wireless data transfer for streamlined, secure access to your hospital’s archiving system
  • One-touch optimization for rapid image clarity
  • Customizable presets, measurements, and report packages deliver a tailored workflow experience
  • Ergonomic design including an integrated gel warmer, folding flat panel display, and articulating arm

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