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Designed with exclusive ergonomics and ultrasound imaging features, MyLab™Six is the Premium Choice in its class. MyLab™Six is a cart-based ultrasound system providing highly ergonomic, low on noise and ‘green’ product solutions. Configured for an extensive range of applications, MyLab™Six delivers a premium quality, yet affordable, solution for shared ultrasound services across any busy clinical setting.

Discover the system’s performance and usability which is perfectly tailored for your daily clinical needs.

Maximising user comfort and diagnostic confidence
MyLab™Six has been designed to meet the increasing demand from physicians, clinics and group practices wishing to offer high-quality on-site ultrasound services for their patients. MyLab™Six has been conceived with the comfort of the user as a key priority.

Designed with Ergonomics in Mind
The rotating keyboard can easily be made higher or lower according to user preference. Similarly, an articulated arm for the screen increases comfort, as well as enabling the sharing of results with a patient or colleague quickly and easily.

19-inch Widescreen LCD

A powerful ultrasound engineering or an ergonomic probe design can certainly improve your work, but few things help you feel more productive. MyLab™Six offers an unconventional 19-inch widescreen LCD, where clinical images and data are flawlessly displayed to increase users’comfort and to reduce eyestrain.

Touchscreen Technology
This system’s touchscreen design delivers advantages such as greater speed, superior responsiveness and easy interface usage. MyLab™Six provides a large and high resolution touch panel that promptly displays functions and commands precisely when you need them.

Easy Workflow
Improving workflow is an important process both for a dedicated use and for an interdisciplinary organization. An improved workflow maximizes efficiency while minimizing wasted time and resources. MyLab™Six has been designed to supply a smooth workflow and full operator comfort from probe’s features to cart’s details.

Functions Organised and Recalled at the Touch of a Button
In keeping with its aim of maximising workflow and performance for a multitude of purposes and individual users, MyLab™Six has a simplified control panel including a high resolution touchscreen display.

The system has a clear and intuitive eTouch™ function for quick and easy access to the system’s main functions. Operators can easy access to measurement and report, and can also recall at the touch of a single button the settings they have customised and organised according to clinical preferences.

High On Vision, Low On Noise
MyLab™Six features a class leading 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor mounted on an articulated arm for improved viewing of high sensitivity images and increased operator comfort. The system is also noiseless - enabling the sonographer to focus fully on the examination and diagnosis. Its highly efficient core is ultra low in terms of power consumption, presenting a more environmentally friendly “Green” option which costs less to run.

Stay focused on your exam without being distracted by the sound of your ultrasound system. MyLab™Six is appreciated as an extreme silent scanner for utmost user comfort during the examination. It leaves sonographers free to fully concentrate on patient and diagnosis.

Ultra-low-power consumption Product
Experience a resilient system which makes careful use of resources by requiring less energy. The core of MyLab™Six is green, providing a proficient long-lasting system for shared service applications which results in more efficient healthcare.

Esaote's iQProbe appleprobe: a Wide Range of Broadband Transducers
Ergonomic features include appleprobes – transducers that are specially shaped to keep the hand and wrist in their natural grip, helping to prevent tension in the hand from building up.

The innovative approach in ergonomics keeps hands and wrists in their natural alignment by distributing grip throughout the entire hand as when one grips an apple. You can relieve finger and the wrist tension when not scanning, by simply keeping the probe between your fingers.

It delivers the ultrasound beam and receives the backscattered echo; its technology is extremely important to obtain a high signal to noise ratio, a sharp signal to optimize information regarding spatial, contrast and temporal resolution.

Wireless Connectivity: Easy, One-Click Networking
Integrated wireless connectivity facilitates easy one-click networking, and an integrated printer allows the outcome of the examination to be printed without delay.
Easy networking is just a click away.

The system provides DICOM connectivity (optional) and MyLab™Desk3 comprehensive software suite for off-line post-processing and reporting.

Remote Service Capabilities
Remote service capabilities to quickly detect and solve system errors, improving lab efficiency and productivity.



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